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Tanzanite: Celebrate December's Birthstone

Posted by Cecilia Lico on
Lico Jewelry Montreal Canada December Birthstone

Welcome to Lico Jewelry's ultimate guide, where we uncover the timeless beauty of Tanzanite, December's cherished birthstone. Learn about the significance of this captivating gem, perfect for personalizing your jewelry collection or gifting a meaningful piece—the season's favorite gift.

Discovering Tanzanite: A Precious December Birthstone

Found exclusively near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanite emerges as a gem steeped in rarity and geographic exclusivity. Initially discovered in 1967, this stunning gemstone bears more significance than its mesmerizing blue-violet hues. As December's revered birthstone, Tanzanite embodies a rare combination of elegance and scarcity, serving as a testament to individuality and celebration.


A Tribute to Tanzanite's Discovery 

Credit for the discovery of Tanzanite goes to Manuel d’Souza, a local tailor who noticed the sparkling blue crystals in the Merelani Hills. Recognizing its potential, he introduced the gem to the world, marking the beginning of a gemstone journey that would captivate the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

Tanzanite's scarcity, found solely near Mount Kilimanjaro, is a pivotal contributor to its limited availability. Its appeal isn't solely derived from its stunning aesthetics but also from the unique scarcity gifted by nature. The deep blue hues, often interlaced with exquisite purples and violets, symbolize exclusivity and refinement—qualities that hold profound significance as December's favored birthstone. (American Gem Society)


Lico Jewelry Night Lights Ring December Birthstone Gift Ideas 2 Stone January Birthstone

Tanzanite: The Perfect Personalized Gift

A gift of Tanzanite jewelry transcends its physical beauty. Believed to promote tranquility and spiritual growth, it symbolizes heartfelt connections and thoughtful gestures, making it an ideal birthstone gift, personalized for special occasions or loved ones.

Seeking a heartfelt gift for a December birthday or to celebrate the holiday season? Lico Jewelry's Tanzanite pieces offer a unique way to celebrate meaningful relationships. 

Showcased Tanzanite Pieces

Night Lights Ring—a beautiful 14k yellow gold piece harmoniously uniting December's Tanzanite and January's Rhodolite Garnet birthstones. This exquisite ring features a 0.27 ct pink Tanzanite and a 0.65 ct genuine Rhodolite Garnet, symbolizing cherished connections. Versatile for stacking or standalone wear, this $850 piece offers a 10% discount with code: DECEMBER. 

 Lico Jewelry Night Lights Ring December Birthstone Gift Ideas 2 Stone January BirthstoneDeep Sea Pendant—a stunning 14k yellow gold piece showcasing 0.52 ct genuine Tanzanite and 0.38 ct genuine Zircon, elegantly embodying December's birthstones. Fun fact: Blue Zircon, like Tanzanite, is considered a modern December birthstone, joining Blue Topaz. (International Gem Society) Meanwhile, the more traditional December birthstones include Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise. Priced at $480 for the pendant alone, this piece is ideal as a stacking piece or a wear-alone pop of color. Additionally available with a 20-inch rolo chain for a combined price of $880. Use code: DECEMBER for 10% off. 



Explore our collection to find the perfect gift or personalize your jewelry with Tanzanite. Whether it's an exquisite ring, an alluring pendant, or a bespoke creation for a special relationship, our pieces embody the spirit of celebration and individuality. 

Couple birthstones, BFF birthstones, or mommy-and-me birthstone items—a beautiful representation of shared connections and cherished moments. Shop Lico Jewelry


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