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Garnet: Explore January's Birthstone

Posted by Cecilia Lico on
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Welcome to Lico Jewelry's ultimate guide, where we uncover the timeless beauty of Garnet, January's cherished birthstone. Learn about the significance of this captivating gem, perfect for personalizing your jewelry collection or gifting a meaningful piece.

Discovering Garnet: A Precious January Birthstone

Garnet unveils itself in various hues and tones, from the rich reds of Almandine to the vibrant greens of Tsavorite. The name Garnet originates from the Latin word for "seed," likely inspired by the resemblance of its crystals to pomegranate seeds. While most commonly associated with a deep red color, Garnets surprise with a spectrum that includes yellow, orange, green, and even blue.

Garnet's Rich Legacy

Garnet, with its roots in ancient civilizations, symbolizes love, strength, and protection. Beyond its stunning appearance, the gem carries a legacy that adds a touch of tradition to the celebration of January birthdays. (American Gem Society)


A Glimpse into Garnet Varieties

Take a captivating journey into the allure of Lico Jewelry's gemstone creations, where each piece narrates a unique tale. The Mulberry Jam Pendant, Night Lights Ring, Purple Tangerine Earrings, Rhododendron Pendant, and Rhododendron Ring feature stunning 2 stone designs in solid 14k yellow gold, adorned with genuine Garnets of various types.

Ideal for stacking or wearing alone, these pieces celebrate connections with carefully chosen birthstones. (custom combos available) Explore the perfect blend of style and sentimentality with Lico Jewelry's diverse Garnet collection.


Showcased Garnet Pieces

Purple Tangerine Earrings | $600.00 CAD
Beautiful 2 stone earrings in solid 14k yellow gold:
0.48 ct genuine purple amethyst (February's birthstone)
0.22 ct genuine spessartite garnet 

Mulberry Jam Pendant | $430.00 CAD
Beautiful 2 stone pendant in solid 14k yellow gold:
0.65 ct genuine rhodolite garnet
0.24 ct genuine pink tourmaline (October's birthstone) 
The pendant comes with a 20 inches rolo chain in solid 14k yellow gold or alone.


Explore these stunning pieces at Lico Jewelry and adorn yourself or your loved ones with the captivating energy of Garnet.

Couple birthstones, BFF birthstones, or mommy-and-me birthstone items—a beautiful representation of shared connections and cherished moments. Shop Lico Jewelry

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