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Amethyst: February's Gem

Posted by Cecilia Lico on
Amethyst: February's Gem
Welcome to Lico Jewelry's insightful guide, where we explore the enchantment of Amethyst, February's cherished birthstone. Discover the significance of this captivating gem, ideal for enhancing your personal jewelry collection or gifting a meaningful piece.


The Enchanting World of Amethyst

Amethyst graces the world with a spectrum of mesmerizing purples, ranging from delicate lilacs to deep, regal hues. As a variety of quartz, Amethyst's name is derived from the Greek word "amethystos," meaning "not drunk," as ancient Greeks believed it could prevent intoxication. Today, Amethyst is celebrated for its rich colors, versatility, and historical significance.

Amethyst's Timeless Tale

Throughout history, Amethyst has been adorned for its symbolic associations with sobriety, clarity, and spirituality. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Middle Ages, this gem has been revered and worn by royalty and priests alike. Its deep purple tones have long been associated with nobility, making it a timeless choice for those seeking elegance and grace.

Explore Lico Jewelry's curated collection, where each piece narrates a unique story.


Rare Find Antique Amethyst Halo Pendant | $550 CAD
Indulge in the enchantment of an antique 14k two-tone gold pendant with genuine Rose de France amethyst. This rare find, measuring 31 x 15 x 9 mm, is a timeless expression of sophistication. (Pendant only, chain not included)



Aquarius Pendant | $345 (with chain $760 CAD)
0.40 ct genuine purple amethyst
0.24 ct genuine rose de France amethyst
Complete with a 20-inch rolo chain in solid 14k yellow gold or alone

Combos and Two-Stone Collections

Explore Lico Jewelry's curated combinations of elegance and sentimentality. Our two-stone designs, like the Rare Find Antique Amethyst Halo Pendant and Aquarius Pendant, celebrate connections with carefully chosen birthstones. The perfect blend of style and meaning, these pieces are ideal for stacking or wearing alone. Custom combinations are also available, allowing you to create a personalized expression of your unique story.

Ready-to-Ship Collections for February Birthdays

Discover the ease of gifting with Lico Jewelry's ready-to-ship collection. Perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, or Mother's Day, these pieces feature the exquisite pairing of Amethyst with other birthstones.

Beetle Grape Ring
Symbolize your essence with the Rhododendron Ring, showcasing a 0.65 ct genuine rhodolite garnet (January birthstone) and a 0.24 ct genuine pink tourmaline in stunning 14k yellow gold.


Taffy Rose Earrings
Add a pop of color to your look with these beautiful Taffy Rose earrings in solid 14k yellow gold. The earrings feature 0.50 ct genuine pink tourmaline and 0.20 ct genuine rose de France amethyst, making them perfect for layering or wearing alone.



Iris Flower Pendant
Elegance meets distinction in the Iris Pendant, harmonizing a 0.40 ct genuine amethyst (February birthstone) and a 0.24 ct genuine citrine (November birthstone) in solid 14k yellow gold. Also available in Iris Flower Ring

Explore these ready-to-ship collections and find the perfect gift for your loved ones or treat yourself to a unique expression of style and sentimentality. 

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