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Aquamarine: March's Birthstone

Posted by Cecilia Lico on
Aquamarine: March's Birthstone

March's edition of Lico Jewelry's Birthstone Series invites you to explore the captivating world of aquamarine. As the brisk winds of March usher in the promise of spring, aquamarine emerges as the gemstone of choice, symbolizing renewal, tranquility, and the endless expanse of the sea. Join us as we dive into the mystique and timeless allure of aquamarine, meticulously handcrafted by Cecilia Lico herself.

Revealing the Mystique of Aquamarine

Aquamarine, with its ethereal blue hues tinged with hints of green, evokes visions of sun-kissed waves crashing against sandy shores. This March birthstone, a variety of beryl, has fascinated civilizations for centuries, earning a place of honor in both myth and legend.

Properties and Characteristics of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is renowned for its remarkable properties, including its hardness ranking between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, making it durable and suitable for everyday wear. Its stunning blue color, reminiscent of the ocean depths, is caused by the presence of iron in its crystal structure. This gemstone's clarity ranges from transparent to opaque, with eye-clean specimens being highly prized. Additionally, aquamarine is pleochroic, meaning it displays different colors when viewed from different angles, adding to its allure. (American Gem Society)

Aquamarine rough crystal pendant - $240.00
Beautiful and handmade aquamarine crystal pendant in solid 14K yellow gold
Genuine aquamarine crystal
Aquamarine is March birthstone and associated with Pisces

Marine Deco ring - $2450.00
One of a Kind aquamarine ring set in Platinum
Center stone: Aquamarine 1.45 ct
Side stone: Aquamarine 0.65 ct
Aquamarine is March birthstone

A Dive into Aquamarine's Mythology and Symbolism

Aquamarine is more than just a beautiful gemstone; it possesses inherent properties that resonate with its wearers. Aquamarine is a stone of courage, known for its calming energies that reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has an affinity with sensitive people and can invoke tolerance of others, overcoming judgmentalism, and providing support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Aquamarine clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect, and clears confusion.

Carried by sailors as a talisman against drowning, aquamarine is known to clear blocked communication and promote self-expression. Spiritually, this crystal sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. It is a wonderful stone for meditation, invoking higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness while aligning the chakras.

Discover Your Signature Piece

Whether you're drawn to the understated beauty of a solitaire pendant or the intricate detailing of a vintage-inspired ring, Lico Jewelry offers a diverse selection of aquamarine jewelry to suit every style and occasion. Let your journey with aquamarine begin as you find the perfect piece to adorn yourself or a loved one.



Moonstone Aquamarine Labradorite Beaded Necklace - $365.00

Necklace is knotted in between each bead. 14K yellow gold mariner ring gold clasp. Ideal to wear as is or to hang a pendant off the clasp.

Moonstone: New Beginnings 
Aquamarine: Courage
Labradorite: Healing Energies


As we bid adieu to our exploration of aquamarine, we invite you to continue your journey with Lico Jewelry. Stay tuned for our next installment as we uncover the hidden gems of April, guiding you on a path of discovery through the world of exquisite jewelry and timeless sophistication.


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