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Diamond: April Birthstone

Posted by Cecilia Lico on
Diamond: April Birthstone

April's Radiant Gem: Diamond Brilliance

Welcome to another captivating edition of Lico Jewelry's Birthstone Series! This month, we're diving into the mesmerizing world of April's birthstone: the illustrious diamond. Get ready to explore the brilliance, beauty, and symbolism behind this timeless gemstone that has captured hearts for centuries.

The Dazzling Domain of Diamonds

In April, diamonds steal the spotlight as the ultimate symbol of enduring love. These gems dazzle with transparent, colorless beauty, sparkling with bursts of white and multi-colored lights. Known for their unbeatable strength, diamonds owe their durability to their pure carbon atomic structure, making them tough and virtually indestructible. (American Gem Society)

Sultan ring - $2000.00 CAD
Beautiful purple sapphire, ruby and diamond set in 18k yellow gold

0.5 ct genuine violet sapphire 
Ruby total wight 0.18 ct 
Diamond total weight: 0.32 ct 

Beautiful Lab grown diamond earrings set in 14K white gold
1 ct total weight (0.50 ct each earring)

Exploring Diamond Colors: Beyond the Ordinary Spectrum

In the world of diamonds, there's more than meets the eye. While many diamonds appear colorless, a treasure trove of vibrant hues awaits discovery. From enchanting pinks to deep, mysterious blacks, each color tells a story woven by nature's hand. Whether you're drawn to classic elegance or crave something unique, there's a diamond to match every personality and style.

Revealing the Meaning of Diamonds

Diamonds have held profound significance across cultures and civilizations, symbolizing love, life, and enduring strength. From ancient Hindu tales of divine romance to the Romans' belief in the power of Cupid's diamond-tipped arrows, these gems have been woven into human history's fabric. Beyond symbolism, diamonds are associated with mental clarity, physical wellness, and balance, offering a sense of coolness and clarity to those who wear them.


Atlantica deco ring - $2990.00 CAD

Beautiful Art Deco inspired ring sin solid 14K yellow gold

Natural blue zircons 1.45 ct
Natural blue sapphires 0.25 ct
Diamond 0.08 ct


From Earth's Depths to Timeless Beauty

From deep within the Earth's mantle, diamonds emerge, shaped by millennia of geological wonders. Whether nestled in volcanic rock or carried by nature's currents, these gems endure before being unearthed by dedicated miners worldwide. From Canada's icy terrains to Africa's sun-drenched plains, diamond mines yield treasures that captivate.

As nature's toughest creation, diamonds embody durability and allure. Their hardness and resilience symbolize strength and grace, adorning heirloom rings or modern settings, and captivating hearts with timeless beauty.


Sparkle Bright with April's Diamond

Understanding the 4C's—cut, color, carat, and clarity—is essential when buying diamond jewelry. Whether it's an engagement ring or a delicate pendant, consider factors like carat size, clarity grade, and cut quality to ensure your diamond shines.

Explore the captivating allure of diamonds at Lico Jewelry. Whether you seek the perfect engagement ring or a dazzling gift, let diamonds' timeless beauty light your way. Stay tuned for our next installment as we uncover May's hidden gems, guiding you through a world of exquisite jewelry and enduring elegance.


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