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Taffy Rose earrings


Beautiful 2 stone earrings in solid 14k yellow gold

0.50 ct genuine pink tourmaline
0.20 ct genuine rose de France amethyst

Ideal as a layering piece or a wear alone pop of color

Gift ideas: couple birthstones, bff birthstones, mommy and me birthstone item

Amethyst is February birthstone

Tourmaline is October birthstone

Add a pop of color to your look with these beautiful Taffy Rose earrings in solid 14k yellow gold. The earrings feature 0.50 ct genuine pink tourmaline and 0.20 ct genuine rose de France amethyst, making them perfect for layering or wearing alone. These earrings also make great gifts for couples, BFFs, or mothers and children, with the amethyst representing February birthstones and the tourmaline representing October birthstones.

Looking for a unique birthstone combination? Feel free to submit your preferred months to, and we'll customize a one-of-a-kind piece for you.