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Aquamarine rough crystal pendant


Beautiful and handmade aquamarine crystal pendant in solid 14K yellow gold

Genuine aquamarine crystal

All pendants have slightly different measurements average measures:
23 mm x 11 mm

Aquamarine properties:
Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. It harmonizes its surroundings and protects against pollutants.
In ancient times it was believed to counteract the forces of darkness and procure favor from the spirits of light.

It was carried by sailors as a talisman against drowning.
Aquamarine is knowing to clear blocked communication and promotes self-expression.
Spiritually this crystal sharpens intuition and open clairvoyance. It is a wonderful stone for meditation. It invokes higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness and aligns the chakras.

Aquamarine is March birthstone and associated with Pisces