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Birthstone of the Month | October

Posted by Cecilia Lico on
Birthstone of the Month | October

 October Opals

Lico Fine Jewelry Opal October birthstone Montreal Canada
If you were born in October you are very fortunate to have such a stunning and colorful gemstone as your birthstone. Opal is October's birthstone alongside tourmaline.
Opals are known to have a wide variety of colors: white, blue, green, pink and orange are among the finer shades you can find in opal gemstones. One of the most mesmerizing characteristics of these stones is its opalescence, which causes the gem to exhibit a shimmer of different colours when viewed from different angles.

Opal attributes

Opals are known to stimulate originality dynamic creativity, it aids in accessing and expressing one's true self. Opals are absorbent and reflective. It picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and return them to the source. It is a karmic stone, it teaching that what you put out comes back.
Psychologically, opals amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation. Enhancing self worth, it helps you understand your full potential. Mentally, opals bring lightness and spontaneity. It encourages interest in the arts.


It is suggested to wear opals close to the heart and solar plexus Hey October, this Opal is for you 🌊 Costume projects available. #opaljewelry #opalnecklace #australianopal #opalpendant #aquamarinecrystal #gemstonejewelry #montrealjewelry #montrealartist ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

Opal care

Opals are delicate gemstones. It is always suggested to keep them away from cosmetics, perfumes and sanitizers to avoid color changes as well as  from heating sources (oven and stove, aka do not cook with your opal jewelry!)

A unique opal project: An Opal divorce ring


The design and the making of this ring was definitely something I personally resonated with. My client reached out to me to make her a new left hand ring since she recently separated from her partner. She wanted to have an original piece, asymmetrical and very colorful. She wanted something to remind her that things do not need to be perfect to be beautiful. It was such  an honor to work on a piece that celebrated self love and individuality.

I hope this short blog showed you some interesting information about opal and gave you some appreciation and curiosity for them.

Do you dream of having a beautiful opal jewelry piece? Get in touch with me at for more information.

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